Reviewing the XN Spy Mobile App

Spying on your child or spouse’s phone might sound like an unethical thing to do, but at times, it becomes necessary due to the kind of threats we are all exposed to. Children and women are routinely exposed to stalking behavior that intrudes to the extent of offensive phone calls, text messages, and photo sharing. Your child or spouse may or may not feel strong enough to tell you about this for various reasons. The most practical and sensible thing is to use a spy on calls App to monitor all calls being made and received through their smartphones.

Getting Connected

Monitoring device activity with the XN Spy app is extremely simple. Simply download the app on your phone and use a control panel to monitor the target device. The following steps explain the simple process:

  1. Subscribe to XN Spy on the official website by creating a login id and password. An email confirmation will be sent to you.
  2. Confirm your account details to begin theautomatic installation.
  3. Once the app is installed, login with your id and password. You will be taken to a control panel.
  4. Use the control panel to install the app on the target device.
  5. You can start monitoring all device activity from the control panel.

To use XN Spy on an Android device:

  1. Open the Internet browser and go to
  2. Download the app and install it on your device.
  3. Access the control panel through the website. Alternatively, you can install the Dashboard and monitor activity through it.

For an iOS device:

  1. Open the Internet browser on your desktop and go to
  2. Install the app.
  3. Use iTunes to move the app to the target device.
  4. Access the app through the control panel.

Note: You will need to jailbreak the iOS device.

For a non-jailbroken device, simply use the iCloud login info to add the device on your control panel.


XN Spy offers a complete suite of features to help you monitor activity on any mobile device. Whether you are interested in protecting your kids or ensuring your employees’ productivity, XN Spy offers comprehensive coverage of all your security needs.

Here are some of the best features of the XN Spy app:

  • Track call and SMS data
  • Monitor browsing, emailing and social media activity
  • Record calls and sounds in the environment
  • Access contact lists
  • Set alerts for keywords
  • View chat logs on Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp
  • Track location via GPS
  • View photos and videos shared over the device
  • Block potentially harmful content.

Here is how these features work:

Monitoring Calls

XN Spy monitors all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. It compiles all call data, including dialed and received numbers, call duration, and contact info.

Monitoring SMS Activity

Confidential corporate information often leaks through SMS messages. By using XN Spy, you can identify information theft or espionage and take timely action against the offending employee. It also helps parents track messages children receive, and to spot online bullies stalkers and sexual predators.

Monitoring Email

The spy phone app enables you to access Gmail activities of the targeted user, allowing monitoring of all incoming, outgoing and deleted emails. You can even set up alerts so that when an email from a specific contact arrives, you get an instant alert.

Tracking Social Media Activity

XN Spy gives you access to Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp activity on the target device, including access to all chat and call logs. You can also watchlist keywords or contacts whom you would like to monitor more closely.

Accessing Files

Photos and videos shared over the network can pose challenges to the security of your family or company. As a responsible parent or manager, you want to ensure that your company’s secret data does not leak out or that your children do not see disturbing content. This spy phone app will help you get remote access to all the videos and photos stored on the target device.

Recording Ambient Sounds

The app turns the target device turns into a recorder that will transmit to your device all the sounds in its direct environment. You can listen in on any conversation virtually undetected.

Location Tracking

You can get accurate information about where your employee or child is at any given time. XN Spy uses GPS data to track and locate the target device.

Setting Alerts

XN Spy allows you to set alerts for particular keywords, search terms, phone and email contacts, etc.

Despite being relatively new, XN Spy stands out from the competition due to the following features:

  • Offers more than 30 basic and advanced features, including remote screenshots, device blocking, and data erasing
  • Remote controlling enabled, hence the target device can be monitored on the go, without being near or in possession of the device, or even knowing the password
  • Compatibility with iOS or Android devices
  • Highly accurate location monitoring
  • Most features do not require jailbreaking
  • Monitors data by using advanced mining algorithms
You need to take certain precautions when using the XN Spy app:

  • You must avoid any legal and ethical problems by first informing the owner of the target device that you are going to monitor their activities with the XN Spy app.
  • The app is still under development and full functionality may not be available to all users.
  • Real-time monitoring is not available, which might create security issues.
  • It is a heavy app and is likely to consume your phone’s storage and power resources fast.
  • Technical support and live chat, although available, are not very prompt.
  • Price may be an issue for some users as less pricey alternatives are available that offer similar features.

Summary of Features

 Important: The asterisk mark (*) indicates that these features will work only on Rooted Android devices.

Features Android Premium iPhone No-Jailbreak Review of Each Feature
Discreet Yes Yes five star
Control Panel
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes five star
All-in-One Platform Yes Yes five star
Free App Update Yes Yes five star
View Phonebook Yes Yes five star
Email Monitoring
View Gmail* Yes No five star
Text Messages
View SMS* Yes Yes five star
Call Monitoring
Call Logs Yes Yes five star
Names and Numbers Yes Yes five star
Marked Numbers Yes Yes five star
Skype Calls* Yes Yes five star
Skype Chats* Yes Yes five star
Skype Contacts* Yes Yes five star
Read all Chats* Yes Yes five star
Names and Contacts* Yes Yes five star
WhatsApp Calls* Yes No five star
Shared Multimedia Yes No 4.5 star
Instagram Yes No 4.5 star
Instagram Pictures Yes No 4 star
Line Chats* Yes Yes five star
Shared Multimedia Yes No
Kik Messenger
Kik Messages* Yes Yes five star
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messages* Yes No 4.5 star
Tinder Messages* Yes No 4 star
Remote Security
Wipe Phone Data Yes No 4 star
Lock Phone Yes No 4 star
Remotely take screenshot* Yes No 4.5 star
Preference For Uploading Data Yes No 4.5 star
Viber Calls* Yes Yes 5 star
Viber Chats* Yes Yes 5 star
Shared Multimedia Yes No 4 star
View all Messages No Yes
Alert on Watchlist Keywords Yes No 4.5 star
Watchlist phone numbers Yes Yes 5 star
Sim card change alert Yes No 4.5 star
Watchlist places alert Yes No 4 star
Location Tracking
Get Location History Yes Yes 5 star
Set Location Check-in Check-out Yes No 4.5 star
View all Saved Photos Yes Yes 5 star
Watch all Saved Videos Yes Yes 5 star
Internet Activities
View Browsing History Yes Yes 5 star
Look at Saved Bookmarks Yes Yes 5 star
View list of Installed Apps Yes Yes 5 star
Apps Blocking Yes No 4.5 star
View Events Yes Yes 4.5 star
Price Basic Premium
$12.49 Premium 5 star
Important: The asterisk mark (*) indicates that these features will work only on Rooted Android devices.
The Final Word

Security continues to be an important issue no matter where and how we are connected to the Web. Mobile surveillance through spy apps is the most efficient way to enhance security. XN Spy offers all the features that are essential for responsible and thorough monitoring of any mobile device. The features offer comprehensive monitoring of all potential means through which your device, data, and user may be exposed to online threats. This mobile phone tracker app gives you much-needed assurance and peace of mind by alerting you instantly to any illegal, unethical, or unauthorized use of your mobile device.

Features Android iOS
Viewing Call Logs tick tick
Accessing Contact info tick tick
Setting Alert Numbers tick tick
SMS Monitoring tick delete
Viewing Address book tick delete
Monitoring WhatsApp logs tick delete
Accessing File Sharing tick delete
Accessing Skype logs tick delete
Accessing Messenger logs tick delete
Accessing Tinder logs tick delete
Deleting data remotely tick delete
Remote locking tick delete
Taking screenshots tick delete
Keyword alerts tick delete
Phone number alerts tick tick
Email Monitoring tick delete
Location Tracking tick tick
Accessing Saved Photos tick tick
Accessing Browsing History tick tick
Viewing Apps tick tick
Blocking Apps tick delete